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Stainless steel portable moxibustion moxibustion box smokeless moxa box moxibustion moxa burner device can clip ginger moxa

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH005
Item:moxibustion box
Function:women dysmenorrhea,Prevent cold, damp slimming effect
Suitable:For middle-aged and adult use
moxibustion box Size:4cm*8cm

Stainless steel portable moxibustion moxibustion box smokeless moxa box moxibustion moxa burner device can clip ginger moxa


Warm moxibustion advantages:


 1, easy to learn, easy to grasp for the people that does not require advanced expertise.


 2, treatment of a wide range of safe and reliable, a significant effect.


 3, physical illnesses, sickness increased longevity.


 4, raw materials, economical and convenient, the most suitable for home care and disease prevention.


Instructions :


 1, insert moxa moxibustion box mounting bracket ignited.


 2, moxibustion lid cover and rotation lock, and then adjust the air to control the temperature level.


 3, moxibustion box into insulation bag with elastic band fixed in the affected area.


 4, always remove insulation bags and moxibustion box of ashes, to keep the box clean.


Moxibustion benefits:


Moxibustion also called moxibustion, is the use of moxa moxibustion box placed on the surface or acupoints or sore moxibustion, moxa. By moderate heat and drugs moxa, and conduction through the meridians to warm meridians, qi and blood, coordination of yin and yang, rousing, to treat disease, disease prevention and health, health beauty effect, the "Yellow Emperor" and "Spirit pivot · functional, "said" needle should not do, moxibustion of the appropriate "," Introduction to Medicine "also said:." The less drugs, less than, must moxibustion needles "Visible moxibustion has long been valued by the people, Because of its safe, no side effects, health care, and therefore widely circulated. Moxibustion benefits can be summarized as follows:


1, warm meridians, dispel pathogenic cold: Chen Ai Ai finest refined, soft and warm fire, strong penetration, can be warm and cold, with fire attack evil.


Traditional Chinese medicine, the body’s normal life activities, depends on the role of blood, blood shortage, it is easy to run sluggish aging sick. So the blood of "the case of temperature is OK, Yuhan condensate" of two important features. Most of the beauty of women in today’s society, the dress like midriff, in spring and autumn cold evil easily invade the pubic region, like blowing air conditioning in summer, he likes to eat frozen foods, the majority of women formed a cold constitution, appear the aversion to cold, cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, spleen and stomach and other sub-health conditions. Ai moxibustion therapy is the use of fire to warm stimulation of meridian points, so that blood runs in fire attack evil. With Qufeng cold, of stasis, anti-inflammatory pain, promote cell regeneration, so as to achieve health care, health and beauty effect.


2, qi and blood, Xiaoyu Sanjie: Ai moxibustion therapy drug used, has the characteristic aroma channeling away, burning exudes warm and special smell, can quickly turn the body’s meridians, accelerate the body’s blood cycle.


3, Wen Buyi gas, yang solid back off: moxibustion therapy physical benefit, can stimulate the body’s immune system function, promote metabolism, strong intercom outside. Moxibustion therapy has a special Chun-yang of nature to make one foot yang, essence and blood is abundant, solid physical and enhance human digestion, circulation, excretion, the role of the genitourinary system function. Against obesity and obesity caused the muscle numbness, limb fail, two will be uneven, lumbar and leg pain, moving the shortness of breath, tired body fatigue as the "via" spoken "righteous memory, evil can not do, the evil Minato, the gas will be empty. "


4, disease prevention, physical health: often moxibustion Zusanli, Guan Yuan, Ojo and other points, can stimulate the body upright, increased disease resistance, play a role in physical health.


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