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Ozone generator for water,air purifier

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH-100
Item:ozone generator
Power supply:110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
Material /Power:ABS / ≤9
Ozone Concentration:100mg/h
Outlet Dimention:6mm
Ozone Output Adjustable Adjustable:20%-100%
More Applicatioon:Air Purifier Or Water Treatment,for Car, Home,etc

Ozone generator for water,air purifier



100mg mini ozone generator

1. mini size

2. Convenient for carrying

3. high efficiency and concentration

4. used in car or home





Warranty                 1 year

Feeding way            air pump inside

Ozone output          100mg/h

Usage                     Air Water Purification

Installation               movable & portable





1. Heath care, create atom of oxygen, improve function of lung protective cilia


2. Expedite metabolism, negative ion can improve human immunity and improves anti-illness capacity


3. Quickly purify the air with decompose the harmful air


4. Remove a myriad of odors from smoke, pets, animals, cooking, mold, mildew, etc


5. Keep air fresher and cleaner for hotel, motel rooms, vehicles, cars, etc


6. Refrigerator sterilization and keep food fresh for longer time


7. Remove hormone and other additives from meat; remove fishy smell, virus from seafood


8. Skin care and facial for women: to clear away pore dirt, bacteria and prevent freckles, etc


9. Ozone output:100mg/h


10. Small in size, plug & play


11. Low price,good quantity






Ozone working 20 mins, then stop 30 mins, then circulation.

Anion working 1 hour, then stop 30 mins, then circulation.



Quality control


Every procedure has personnel inspection.

All the products must be tested and qualified before packaging.



After sales service


We provide 12 month free maintenance.

The buyer should return the product in the original conditions to us and should

bear the shipping costs for return.



Ozone generator

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