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Large zone ozone generator ozonator

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH-Y
Item:ozone generator
Power supply:220V,50/60HZ
Commodity:Ozone water system
Material:Enamel tube
Gas source:Oxygen
Oxygen flow rate:1-18LPM
Cooling:Water cooling
Ozone output:10g/20g/30g/40g/50g

Large zone ozone generator ozonator 

Quick details

Ozone output way:          corona discharge

Warranty:                        one year warranty
Adjustable rate:               20-100% adjustable ozone

how to use ?

1. Before use this machine, put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight.

2. Use the power equipped with the machine;

3. The machine use for air purification, firstly attach the silicone tube into the

ozone outlet and then turn on the power;

4. Set the timer and then come out ozone, and put the tube into the room.

5. When use for room air purification, it requires nobody is present , after 30

minutes people can walk into the room.

6. If use for water treatment, the air stone should be attached into the silicone

tube and put into the water.

 7. Attention, the machine should be placed higher than the water, incase that the water reflux occur.




1. With built-in oxygen system, carbon steel sprayed with plastic or SS housing complete ozone generator

2. With built-in water cooling enamel ozone tube, high frequency electric board, thus max ozone concentration: 100Mg/L with stable ozone capacity, long life time

3. Adjustable ozone range: 20%–100%, it can working automatic

4. Compact assembly,Movable with Wheels

5. Use with over current, over voltage, water protection device, for ensuring ozone machine running safety

Control panel:

Ozone output adjuster, Voltmeter, Ampere meter, Timer, Cooling water temperature indicator, Ozone Ampere meter, Main switch, Power supply switch, Emergency stop, Working light, Power light, Alarm




Item                                  Unit        TH-Y40G     TH-Y50G    TH-Y100G
Oxygen flow rate            LPM         5~15            8~18           16-32
Ozone concentration      Mg/L        90~56          90~60         90~58
Ozone output                   G/Hr        27~50          43~64         86~111
Power                               Kw          ≤1.62            ≤1.85          3.5
Fuse                                  A             15                 20               20
Cooling water flow          LPM        48
Size                                   mm      650×1030×1230                650×1030×1230

1. Above ozone capacity were tested under oxygen source

2. Net weight will be 10% different for different plug



Quality control


Every procedure has personnel inspection.

All the products must be tested and qualified before packaging.



After sales service


We provide 12 month free maintenance.

The buyer should return the product in the original conditions to us and should

bear the shipping costs for return.

Question and answer
Is ozone harmful to human body ?
Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard,
we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or take actions to avoid
further leakage.
So far there is no one death reported caused by ozone poisoning.

Does the ozone generator work efficently ?
Undeniably, ozone can sterilize and remove odor and formaldehyde.
It is reported that ozone is a widely used bactericide. It can kill escherichia coli,
bacteria efficently and resolve the harmful material in a short time.


Ozone generator

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