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High concentration air purifier home ozone generator 10LPM

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH-DP
Item:ozone generator
Power supply:110/220V 50/60Hz
Ozone output control:20-100%
Capacity (CFM): 98%
Gas flow rate:10LPM
Ozone output:2-5G/HR

Large zone ozone generator ozonator 


Quick Detail

portable ozone generator

1. water treatment

2. air cooling ceramic tube

3. high concentration

4. portable and easy to operate




Technology                        Corona Discharge

Power supply                     110/220V 50/60Hz

Ozone generating way       Corona discharge

Chassis material                 Carton steel sprayed with plastic chassis

Feature                               Isolated power supply plug

Usage                                  Air purification, water sterilizing, food disinfection



1. Sterilization: Efficiently destroy a variety of bacteria and viruses ,but without secondary pollution.

2. Detoxification: Effectively remove the residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.

3. Deodorization: Eliminate mould, smoke, remove smell, water stains etc.

4. Oxygen Increasing: Improve the oxygen level for air and water.

5. Improving Health: Air purification, expedite human metabolism.

6. Skin or facial care for women: To clear away pore dirt, bacteria and prevent freckles, acne, pigmentation (Especially suitable for women to eliminate make-up residue).



1. Purify air for room, car, houses (living room, kitchen, bathroom, air-conditioned room, garage, basement, Indoors garden, pet room) hotel, Karaoke room, club, public house, Internet bar, game center, bus station, supermarket, office buildings , vehicle and boat, fishing shop ,flower shop, etc.

2. Washing fruits & vegetables , meats, to kill bacteria, viruses and decompose pesticides. Meat & seafood are more delicious after oxidation.

3. Water Purifying and Sterilizing. (Small swimming pool and spa , Domestic/waste water sterilizing)

4. Sterilize and disinfect for daily supplies, such as clothes, toys, pillow towel, tool, fridge, etc.

5. Remove formaldehyde, chlorine, oxidation for heavy metal



1. Corona Discharge technology

2. Display of working time: Digital display

3. Working Model:

This machine can be arbitrary set work time and it has set a working model

1). 30 minutes On;

2). 60 minutes On;

3). Working continuously.

Note:Working time can be set with anytime in a day

4. When the load of the fan, air pump, ozone generator has a failure,the buzzer start alarm,and shut down load power to protect the system.

5. This machine is cooled by fan which has good heat dissipation effect

6. Working noise: 51DB

7. This equipment has time delay fuction on ozone discharge chamber running and shut down, be designed to extend service life.



1. Built in Domestic Patent High purity Ceramic ozone tube.

2. Built in Mini air pump.

3. Power supply.

4. Fans for cooling.



  1. Two pcs Fuse,
  2. Two meters silicone hose
  3. Two pcs bubble stones
  4. 1.5 meter power cable
  5. Manual Books


Quality control


Every procedure has personnel inspection.

All the products must be tested and qualified before packaging.



After sales service


We provide 12 month free maintenance.

The buyer should return the product in the original conditions to us and should

bear the shipping costs for return.


Question and answer
is ozone harmful to human body ?
Once the ozone concentration fails to meet the hygiene and safety standard,
we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or take actions to avoid
further leakage.
So far there is no one death reported caused by ozone poisoning.

Does the ozone generator work efficently ?
Undeniably, ozone can sterilize and remove odor and formaldehyde.
It is reported that ozone is a widely used bactericide. It can kill escherichia coli,
bacteria efficently and resolve the harmful material in a short time.


Ozone generator

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