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Electronic hair growth head massager

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH059
Type: hair growth head massager
Application:Head, Hair growth head massager
Item: hair growth head massager
Effect:Ozone stimulate hair growth
Massage type:laser hair regrowth for hair loss treatment
Operation function:Electronic plug
Function:Head Massager

2015 Electronic hair growth head massager free shipping

hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager


Product Configuration: product host one of two batteries.




Product Principle:


  Triple germinal technology, the weak laser, infrared light, low frequency, integration of three technologies together to open up the hair follicles effective channel, introducing the head of nutrition at the same time stimulate acupuncture points and scalp care, to anti-off hair growth, hair effect .




Main functions:


Depth activate dormant hair follicle cells


Enhanced features and melanoma dermal papilla cell viability,


To the hair follicles and rapid cell nutrition


Improve the head blood circulation, beneficial to adjust the cerebral cortex function,


Promote metabolism, blood circulation,


Promote hair root regeneration, inhibition of hair loss, rapid hair growth



1. Built weak laser awaken hair follicles

2 micro-current stimulation by eight points to get through the follicle

3 built-in 20 infrared light exposure, stimulate hair follicle cells

hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager/hair growth head massager

  hair growth head massager

hair massager

electric hair massager

laser hair growth machine to

laser hair growth

hair growth laser machine

laser hair growth machine

laser comb for hair growth

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