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Clean Air Household Ozone Generator Ionizer Ozone Water Generator

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH-KTA
Item:ozone generator
Power supply:110/220V 50/60Hz
Cooling Way::Air Cooling
Ozone Adjuster::20%-100%
Ozone Tube Use Life::20000 Hours
Application:Car/home/office/factory/hotels Air Purification
Ozone Output:3g/hr, 5g/hr
Timer:5-30 Minutes Or Continuously

Clean Air Household Ozone Generator Ionizer Ozone Water Generator

Quick Detail


ozone water sterilizer

1. Adjustable ozone range:20%-100%

2. Corona Discharge technology

3. Two function for timer: 0-30 mins or working continuously

4. NT-KTA model Ozone output:3g/h, 5g/h





1. Corona Discharge technology

2. Built in Domestic Patent- Air cooling Ceramic ozone tube with electric board





1. Mini air pump.

2. Air cooled ceramic ozone tube.

3. Power supply.

4. Fans for cooling.

5.Manual book


Item              Gas flow rate      Power      Output gas tube     Fuse       Size               NW

Model           LPM                    W             mm                        A             mm                 Kg

TH-KTA3G  10                        80            φ6                          3          300×173×270   5.6

TH-KTA5G                              95



1. Above ozone capacity were tested under oxygen source

2. Net weight will be 10% different for different plug.


How to use?


1.Before use this machine,put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight.

2.Use the power equipped with the machine.

3.The machine use for air purification,fisrtly attach the silicone tube into the ozone outlet and then turn on the power.

4.Set the timer and then come out ozone, and put the tube into the room.

5.When use for room air purification, it requires nobody is present,

after 30 minutes people can walk into the room.

6.If use for water treatment, the air stone should be attached into the silicone tube and put into the water.

7.Attention, the machine should be placed higher than the water,in case that the water refluex occur.



Ozone generator

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