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4 Fluorescent bulbs Portable Skin Care Analyzer Beauty Magnifying Woods Lamp Salon Machine

Type:Skin Analyzer
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH023
Item:Skin Analyzer
Volume:47 * 177 * 151 (cm)
UV lamp tube:4 * 4 w / 08
Magnifying glass:50 * 100mm
Spectral range:320-400nm
Maximum peak:365nm
Supply Current/ Power factor:0.35A/0.31-0.33
Warranty:1 Year
Function:Detecting skin diseases, fungal, vitiligo


4 Fluorescent bulbs Portable Skin Care Facial Analyzer Beauty Magnifying Woods Lamp Salon Machine


1—The wood`s lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions.


2— analyze the surface and deeper layers of skin in a totally dark room.


3—The violet rays enable the esthetician to various skin conditions.




Following are some example of skin conditions and how they appear under the wood`s lamp.




wood`s lamp indication

Shin condition 

White fluorescence


Thick conium layer 

White fluorescence


Thick conium layer 

White spots


Horniness layer of the skin and dead cells         

Blue white


Normal and healthy skin 

Purple fluorescent


Thin skin without enough moisture 

Light violet


Dehydrated skin   

Bright fluorescent


Hydrated skin 

Yellow or sometimes pink          

Oily areas of the face and come done 



Pigmentation and dark spots 



Methods of operation:

1, Wood lamp power cord connected to the power switch is pressed for a few seconds after the light that is bright;

2. To detect dark room through a magnifying glass;

3, presented by skin color do not, make the following judgment:

Hypopigmentation or depigmentation lesions such as vitiligo, white rosea fluorescent easier to distinguish from normal skin; pigmentation, chloasma, coffee spot obviously bright fluorescence; Pseudomonas bacteria such as green fluorescence;

Ringworm red coral red fluorescence; fungal infections such as rust-colored spores, wool-like small spores and plaster-like spores bright green fluorescence; dark green fluorescent yellow ringworm; tinea versicolor brown fluorescence; purple Trichophyton tonsurans infection and no fluorescence; delayed skin porphyria patients urine is bright pink – orange fluorescence;

Congenital porphyria patients teeth, urine, bone marrow red fluorescence; and erythropoietic protoporphyrin patients seen strong red fluorescence. Local external use, such as Vaseline, salicylic acid, iodine and keratin even soap residue etc. can also be fluorescent, attention should be identified.

Fourth, note:

1, prior to use, the application of a massage brush clean the surface of the skin.

2, attention to cleanliness shield and reflector ensures maximum light output; cleaning with a soft cloth and common household cleaners can be, make sure that the cleaning agent used does not damage paints and plastics.

3, before the trial diagnostic lights, the most appropriate diagnostic lights to keep a distance of 5-6 cm from the surface of the skin of the patient.

4, please take good care of good diagnostic lights.



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