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2016 New product hot selling e-light ipl machine for permanent hair removal

Certification:Medical CE
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH-24F
Feature:Acne Treatment, Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Dark Circles, Face Lift, Hair Removal, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Pore Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Item:IPL hair removal machine
Voltage:220V /110 V,5A/10A
Light output wavelength:530-1200nm
Energy Display:00-50J
Spot size/Power consumption:400m㎡/ 0.32W each spot
Repeat frequency:1-3 seconds / times available
Function:Hair removal,skin rejuvenation,Redness Removal
Cooling method:Circulating water cooling + air + semiconductor refrigeration

2016 New product hot selling e-light ipl machine for permanent hair removal



1. The effective treatment of facial redness (telangiectasia), get rid of red-faced symptoms;


2.Effectively shrink pores, eliminate or reduce the appearance of acne scars;


3. Thickening of the skin layer of collagen and restore skin elasticity;


4. The maximum extent possible to reduce or remove freckles, age spots and other spots, age spots;


5.The maximum extent possible to erase or reduce the appearance of pigmentation caused by sun damage pigmentation, whitening skin;


6.Smooth fine wrinkles or lighten eyelid wrinkles, eliminate dark circles;


7. Improve pigmentation caused by the traditional method of skin rejuvenation calm, a slight improvement type skin lesions;


8. Each part of the non-effect facial rejuvenation, skin whitening body;


9. In combination with other cosmetic methods to achieve rejuvenation;


10.Get rid of various parts of the body and suppress excess hair growth.


[System] safety device


1, the instrument is equipped with a number of safety devices, all operating room personnel shall be familiar with their location and use.


2, key switch: key switch for the power switch of the instrument. This machine is only provided me with a key to open.


3, emergency switch: This red mushroom-shaped button Emergency shut down the whole machine. When you press it, no matter what the state of the system at the power will be cut off immediately. Clockwise rotation of the emergency switch to release it, otherwise device remains in the off state.




[Device Self]


     When turned on, the system will immediately access the self-test circuit state. In this case, the operator should be allowed to run their own instruments for 1-3 minutes, the configuration of the instrument in a bipolar treatment head into the ready state is cool; before proceeding to the next step.




[Device Level


1, electric shock protection: Class 1, BF grade


2, anti-corrosive liquids: Ordinary


3, do not use the machine in the presence of flammable anesthetic nitric oxide mixed with air environment.

1. Power: Figure 1

2. Figure 2 into operation:

Working Mode Selection: Select the current treatment modalities. This feature applies to guns treatment equipment, hair removal is a bald, skin rejuvenation, freckle and breast as a skinhead. Insert the gun without using selection mode.
Adjust parameters: current adjustment parameters suitable for the treatment required by customers; up down arrow to the left of the function name corresponding to adjustment.
Light energy: refers to the treatment of the output light energy instrument, press up down arrows to adjust the appropriate parameters according to the actual pathological conditions point. Energy adjustment range 0-50 grade.
Electrical energy: refers to the treatment RF output RF energy, according to the rising and falling arrows to adjust the appropriate parameters according to the actual pathological conditions point. Energy modulation range of 1 — 50.
Refrigeration: refers to the treatment of head and bottom skin freezing technology to protect customers, this function according to the ambient temperature and the customer feeling adjust. Refrigeration Level 1 — 10
State: Click this button to enter the treatment head ready state, press the light handle switch output treatment; the treatment is completed, tap it again to enter the standby interface.
Reset: Click this button to clear all records work points.
SETUP: This function is designed for quick usage settings, tap Settings enter 4.
Enter the Advanced Interface: This feature is designed for manufacturers design, tap the keys to enter the graphic in Figure 5.

3. To enter the parameter storage interface 3 Press the Set button to enter the interface:


Pulse number: PULSE NUM E refers to the output of each light can be set in several sub E light (also called sub-pulse), decreased according to the desired therapeutic adjustment up key project to determine the appropriate parameters. (1-15)
First Pulse: PULSE I refers to the first sub-pulses a pulse width. In ms, adjust up down key to determine the appropriate parameters. (1-30)
The first delay: DELAY I refers to the time of the second sub-pulse and the first sub-pulse interval. In ms, adjust the rise and fall
Determine appropriate parameters. (1-30)
Sub-pulses: PULSES refers to the second to the last pulse width in ms, adjust up down key to determine the appropriate parameters. ((1-30)
Sub Delay: DELAYS refers to the width of the second sub-pulse to the last pulse between each child, in ms, adjust up down key to determine the appropriate parameters. (1-30)
Pulse period: PULSE CYC E refers to the output of each light required time. In s adjusted up down key to determine the appropriate parameters. (1-3)
After more than a good tune treatment parameters press the Save button SAVE stores the current adjustment parameters.
Note: This control system can save 3 different treatment parameters. Adjusting stored data shall not exceed 50%.

4. Enter the Advanced Interface 5

This combo interface function for switching program:
   Language: Click this button switch is in English. Then press the OK button to confirm.
   E-light: Click this button to the top left of the screen E-light, this is the E light treatment program; then tap OK to confirm.
   RF: Click this button to the upper left corner of the screen displays RF, this is the radiofrequency ablation procedure; then tap OK to confirm.
   OK: Click this button to display the current interface parameters is confirmed.
   BACK: Press this key point is to return the confirmation interface.
   Delete: When a password error occurs, you can tap this key to clear.
This key above the numeric keypad to confirm the password disk, the main switch for the light wave E wrinkle function After selecting the desired therapeutic function, enter the point to confirm the selected mode of treatment in numerical password.

Radiofrequency interface:


Installation on the controller and storage should be noted:
1 controller should be stored and used to ensure that at a temperature between -10 ℃ -35 ℃.
2 strictly avoid the use in extreme temperature / humidity conditions.
3 controller installation process, and after completion, must ensure its uniform force.
4 In the absence of relevant departments of the company to obtain permission is strictly prohibited disassemble the controller, nor tighten or loosen the screw on the controller.
5 Because the machine has a high pressure, the machine must be done live all the professionals, non-professionals to prohibit live action.
6 Operating the touch screen with a random with dedicated touch pen to tap the button to adjust the position of the parameter.






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