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2016 Household cleansing facial massage cleansing instrument beauty cream instrument beauty cream

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:TH706
Item:Ion clean instrument
Function:Face-lift/Wrinkle/Dilute dark circles
name:Ion clean instrument

Ion household cleansing facial massage cleansing instrument beauty instrument beauty cream




Face Massager iontophoresis import and export high-tech microelectronics technology, can quickly enter the basal layer of nutrients, increase cellular energy, accelerate cell movement and metabolism, skin revitalization, along with soft white elastic.


1500 micro-vibrations per second, 100% absorption of nutrients essential to promote!


Home wash artifact – Household transfection apparatus

Skin care products in the most effective ingredients are organic molecules,

In its natural state it is difficult to penetrate the body’s natural screen – the epidermis,

At home simple smear, only apply to the skin surface nutrition, nutritional get in, even the best skin care products can not play a role.

The beauty salon massage, equipment and other means, the nutrients skin care products deep dermis,

Allow the skin to absorb more nutrients.

Import Import essence of beauty instrument instrument will make your skin get spa-like deep care,

Improve skin care products for more than 140 times the absorption rate!

Household import instrument alone, promote the skin’s own blood circulation, improve skin texture and complexion.

With the cleansing oil, cleanser, massage ointment using deep clean the skin, remove deep dirt, toxins and residual makeup.

It can be used with essence, eye cream, essential oils for deep skin care, make skin care products play a better effect.

Skin clean, and nutrient absorption good, yellowish, pores, acne, wrinkles and other skin problems solved.

Your skin will naturally be rendered more shining brilliantly, smooth young healthy beauty!

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